Rexometer Pro

RExometer provides a load measurement as Data-as-a-Service in off-grid-systems and backup systems. A large share of existing diesel offgrid systems can economically be upgraded with solar power or other renewables which leads to reduced fuel costs and prevents CO₂ emissions. Our Data-as-a-Service concept allows to significantly reduce investment risks in renewables and hybrid energy projects and offers a „carefree package“ to project planners.

RExometer developed the measurement device „RExometer Pro“, with the focus on being simple to install and mostly automatic to set-up. This allows us to offer a Data-as-a-Service concept based on local manpower, which results in a significant price advantage, increased sustainability and local capacity building.

RExometer Pro is a universal measurement system to professionally capture load profiles. Due to its pre-configured communication channels and its non-invasive way of installation the commissioning is significantly simplified. After commissioning the measurement data is buffered locally and transmitted to a cloud-based platform. Therefore, measurement data can be displayed platform independent and evaluated, which ensures maximum flexibility.

RExometer Pro